When I started Brain Figuring, there was a moto behind that, it is self-help (Improving my knowledge and help needy). I was a reluctant reader in English although very much interested in learning the language. I was an expert in my mother tongue Marathi and well versed in that language. Since some ups and downs, I had to go through some bad phases of life (that is great learnings in everybody's life) due to which I couldn’t concentrate on writing. Here I started this blog on 28 Feb 2020, I write on the niche, Arts, Politics, Poetry, Books, Philosophy, Essays (Purely based on my reading experience).
The reason is simple as I was weak in those. This blog is for me to read when the time arrives I have no companion in my life until then I research, develop, and fill the empty space of Brain Figuring. This blog brings me huge learning while reading and researching about purposeful people who have contributed to this world. It helps me achieve my goals and brings happiness.

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I hate to advertise and kept very less on my blog (I don’t want to keep at all) but there is no option at the moment. My expectation is simple, Shop from my affiliate program (from my Amazon link) so that I could earn fees of my handwork what I do here or either you can buy my recommended books or other things from the links I mentioned in posts (you could buy at a discounted price). You can also DONATE❤ remember this is my direct Paypal support link.

The vision of Brain Figuring 🙏

My vision on this blog (Brain Figuring) is to keep no advertisement if the above-mentioned wish has been coming true, I will stop displaying annoying ads on Brain Figuring. This would bring the more user-friendly and clean experience of reading for you. Another vision is to contribute some part of my earnings from this blog to an NGO (Maher―Read more). Do not forget to email me your experience on Brain Figuring positive words would simply bring joy and feedback would become an inspiration to me to write more on this site.

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I use pictures on this website mostly from Wikipedia Commons as it is a free image source for any webpage. If by chance you found I am using your copyrighted material without the creator's consent. Please email me, I will remove it immediately. Apart from pictures, all the material and writing on this site is author's creation (by Lokesh Umak) and would not be allowed for copying or republishing on other websites or on the printed material without my permission.
Lokesh Umak,