June 17, 2020

The Poem "Asad's Shirt" ─ One of the childhoods bring back reminders from Shamsur Rahama's poetic soul

Shamsur Rahman's love for his childish soul poetic writings was more than anybody's childhood memories. His Bengali poetry translated into English, "Asad's Shirt" After reading this poem, we waft to our many childhoods favorite days.

Shamsur Rahman
Mr Shamsur who was irregularly graduated in literature, a poetic soul who did wonder in his era. His poetic ink wrote many soul-touching songs. The great Rahman was a Bangladeshi prolific writer and a journalist. Once upon a time, he had not given exams for his three years degree program (Literature). He was an avid reader and a poet. Mr Rahman wrote his first poem at the age when he was eighteen. His life had a memorable U turned that transformed his life and made him more professional when he had read Golpo Guccho (available on Amazon) by Rabindranath Tagore (The book is a collection of 95 Short Stories which are most popular.).
He had completed successfully his gradation in English literature from the University of Dhaka.  Despite being a lover of his native language, he wrote poetry in English. He wrote many influential articles and considered one of the key figures in Bengali literature. He was the one who took the literature of his country to a different level of geographically. Most of the articles were based on secularism, his finest labor of writing earned many awards and recognizations ( Bangla academy in 1969, Ekunshey Pavdak in 1977, Swadhinata Award in 1991, and many others...) Sometimes his poem takes us into sweet childhood memories or sometimes it gives better understandings of life. His poem Asad's Shirt is one of those which brings back our childhood reminders. 

Asad's Shirt

Like bunches of blood-red Oleander, Like flaming clouds at sunset
Asad's shirt flutters
In the gusty wind, in the limitless blue.
To the brother's spotless shirt
His sister had sown
With the fine gold thread
Of her heart's desire
Buttons which shone like stars;
How often had his ageing mother,
With such tender care,
Hung that shirt out to dry
In her sunny courtyard.
Now that self-same shirt
Has deserted the mother's courtyard,
Adorned by bright sunlight
And the soft shadow' [...]
The Devotee, The Combatant: Selected Poems of Shamsur Rahman (Bengali Literature in English) is available on Amazon. He is the author of more than 80 volumes of poetry.

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