June 21, 2020

Muhammad Ali Jinnah died at the pick, served as a leader of all the Muslims of India has regretted on demand of Pakistan

"No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with you" ―Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Refugee Camp at Balloki
during Partition
of India
Mr Jinnah (b. 25 Dec 1876 to d. 11 Sep1948) served as a leader of the All India Muslim League (1913 to 1947) one of his speeches shows how centric he was about his goals. He was one of the influential and most powerful leaders (after Gandhiji) before the partition of India. At the time of making Pakistan, he spoke very influentially.
He said,

"Hundreds of Muslims can not be characterized as a minority. We are seventeen million in the north-eastern and we constitute the majority of seventeen percent. We want the division of India into India and Pakistan because that is the only practical solution that will secure the freedom of the Hindu and Muslim. These two nations are entirely different. Let me tell you the difference, We different are in History, Culture, Language, Architecture, Music, Claws, Calendar and our entire Social Code of Life. ―Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Nehru (left), Lord Mountbatten (center) and Jinnah (right)

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with
Mr Jinnah
On such an inspiring speech he said that Hindu and Muslim would-be neighbors and friends but it didn't happen at all. Mr Jinnah, keeping his ambitions always high and given himself a guarantee of a successful future leader by his hardworking attitude. The transfer of Muslim or Hindu from one division to another was the greatest calamities of the 20th century.
The Promises, Money, Neighbors, and Lands were worthless. Millions died, raped, and cut into pieces. The actual lovers of India (middle-class) didn't want the partition, and those hated the division of India had started forming their refugee camps. The painful partition took almost a complete five years to get back to normal life. Mr Jinnah was Indian and he had founded a new democratic world called Pakistan, but later regretted the partition. The book Indian Summer: "Jinnah called the demand for Pakistan was the biggest blunder of his life."
Scene of Migrant Train From Pakistan (Army Museum)

Refugee to India
The innocents did not know that their lives had been blown away by the power of political intrigue speeches of both the parties and the ultimate loss of the common people.
Those middle-class who had nothing to do with either politics or nor religion.  Days those who lived at the time of the partition, the stories bring the waves of fears. 
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The rotten and decayed bodies of young pregnant women or sometimes kids or elders had been found in the gutters or canals for many months after the riots. After the two years of division of India, Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah died. It was the most peak time of his life doing something for Pakistan what he had promised. 
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 Luise Mountbatten, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, whenever the stories of partition come on the files, the only these four mounts strong responsible for whatever had happened in their regime. Mahatma Gandhi had never wanted partition in fact. In the last days of British rule, there was a conversation between Jinnah and Gandhi. “You have mesmerized the Muslims," Gandhi said. "You have hypnotized the Hindus," Mr Jinnah replied. 

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