June 14, 2020

Miss Himmelfarb's "Idea of Poverty" covers The Victorian Era of England's Poor and Industrialization during 18's

The woman who crossed the country and explored England's streets and found the "Idea of Poverty"  Miss Himmelfarb called The Great Historian of the Victorian Era.


PC credit to Thomas Annan Poverty Victorian England London A poor woman with two piteously children in the dirty street (1868)

Gertrude Himmelfarb
Gertrude Himmelfarb (b. 8 Aug 1922–30 Dec 2019) was a great conservative historian, studied deep on intellectual history, and a Ph.D. (history) holder from the University of Chicago in 1950. Miss Himmelfarb allowed herself to dive focusing Britain and Victorian Era, The Queen Victoria's reign. She was the one who brought the real history and culture of Britain in front of the 20th century. She often called a great historian of the period. She was born in New York City but her thoughts made her travel to miles away finding hidden cultures and history of England, drag herself into the Victorian Era.
She had married to great Irving Kristol (b. 22 Jan 1920–18 Sep 2019), one of the popular journalists, editors, and a godfather to the greatest political movement, Neoconservatism. He was also the founder of may magazines. The most discussed figure on cultural politics often in the middle of the 20th century. Upon marrying a successful man, she did not change her last name (Himmelfarb).
A famous sociologist, editor and writer who was a professor at Harvard University, Daniel Bell wrote ㅡ "Best marriage of our generation"
Irving Kristol
The woman with well-settled life crossed the country and made her fine jump picking up her spading fork to evolve day by day and brought the history of Britain on the book "Idea of Poverty" It captured the discussions of the great people's thinking, 17th to 18th and later middle of 19th century. The Idea of Poverty has stories of laboring people who depended on charity, donation, and some of them were orphans too. Exploring the economy that profit poor, a legislative authority that could bring food, educations, and support them financially through subsidies schemes. There were no democratic laws, but an Ira of Queen Victoria. There was a motive for stabilizing the economy that could benefit everyone from it.
Idea of Poverty
The well-known fact of any country not in the early century only but the current too. The expansion of the industrial economy creates an equal opportunity to become a wealthy nation and the ultimate product is the only happiness and comfort of low caste society.
It is a fact that a wealthy country has been contributed to an increase in an enormous population. This fact is not from advanced education but it's stated by the old studies. The most populated country, China is in its first place and followed by India in second. They were rich in their early days.
Miss Himmelfarb explored such kinds of theories by digging deep by cultural and historical shots and her determination proved in the book,  Idea of Poverty  (it is available on Amazon). Some of the credit also goes to her beloved husband expanding views of poverty in England. She was a Teacher of the Free and Virtuous Society, and Miss Himmelfarb once called A Jewish Woman (it covers her life span in short).
[David McGrogan: This was my first encounter with Himmelfarb and I was deeply impressed by the breadth and depth of scholarship in this book, which sets for itself the daunting task of accounting for how it was that "poverty" came to be seen as a problem for society or government to attempt to solve, rather than a mere fact of life as it had been thought of prior to the 18th century. There is something almost Foucauldian about the project and I was amused to find American conservatism reflecting French post-stru ...more]
Her arguments that a little more virtuousness trumps any number of government social programs made her a hero to some and a bête noire to others. ㅡNew York Times

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