June 04, 2020

Bhakha's Thought: "How queer, Hindu don't feed their cow although they call the cow 'Mother!' " From The Novel Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand

How a young man of eighteen becomes a victim of caste discrimination. Soul crushing story of inexperienced Bakha. Lack of wisdom, uneducated who encounters scolding and assaults that end with the good news of the arrival of flushing toilets in India.

Mr Bakha (from The novel Untouchable)
Mulk Raj Anand (b.12 Dec 1905) who depicted his writing full of poor Indian culture into the society through his pen. Coolie (labor) name that has been referred to in India and Peon in Spanish (having no caste or identity in the society). Mr Mulk studied  Indians and explored the different versions of the life of labors of Indian society and its realities at the time of British India.
How queer, the Hindu don’t feed their cow although they call the cow “Mother!” 
This is one of the thoughts of Bakha, a young man who had a lot of questions in his mind spitting out, in every thoughtful situation that evokes his mind with a meaningful question. The protagonist in the novel Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand (Available in paperback).

Mulk Raj Anand
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He cleverly explored Indian racism, casteism, and life of those laborers who worked for people of higher society but their life surrounded by many scavengers around their houses. They were mostly the leather workers, The washerman, The barbers, The water careers, and mostly those who are expelled from the caste. Carrying a load of no identity in the society how does it feels only those know who are constantly faced and regretted being poor.
Mr Mulk Raj Anand had widely focused on the deep, ancient carried-forward culture of India which had required reformation into a new India. The protagonist, Bakha being a sweeper and a clever man but having a lack of experience or sometimes his slip of judgments falls him into long troubles. Having such knowledge makes such a strong person and leads to a successful decision. Being naive but always compassionate toward his friends and family.
Mr Mulk had purposefully pierced writing of his argumental brain in front of the readers and talked with millions through Untouchable, it puts brain evoking situations of the poor labors in the audience.
After reading the novel, you will learn the social life of Bakha or any other sweepers or many others like him who often encountered sexual and public assaults or public shame. This was the ancient culture of India. Many times he caught and left scolded by the upper class or rich caste owners.
The writer focused on especially the behavior of the rich at coolie. These behaviors could only stop unless the government looked into it. Labors who work which are untouchables by humans and could be done by machines then the novel ends when the great freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi comes at the end of the debate with the audience and announces the quick arrival of flushing toilets in India. The one who works as labor could only sense how joyful news is and thus Untouchable brings awareness in class one people.

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