March 15, 2020

The Art of Copying: "I had learnt to carry out the orders of elders not to scan their action" ― Mahatma Gandhi

The great freedom fighter, philosopher and a wise man in his childhood MK Gandhi was a shy student. There are many learnings from his past experiences. One of the best actions mentioned in his book, The Story of My Experiment With Truth (available on Kindle unlimited) gives us the best learning. The story covers from his childhood to the end of his active years. Every line, every word and the passages have great meanings. The art of copying someone mostly found especially in the age group of children. Mr Gandhi wrote about his childhood when he had started going to school and feeling the changes around him, but he was very unique in choosing what is to be acquired or what is not.
MK Gandhi - Picture credit to Wikipedia

I do not remember having ever told a lie.
He said he was following Harishchandra when he was seven. Whoever it says, It would not be an ordinary person. Any child at this age either copy someone or lie many times. As a parent, some must have forgiven their kids. He also added that at that age, his sole companion was only his books and lessons when he used to go to school, he never used to talk to anybody, a very shy and own minded businessman.
When he was in high school, at the time of the exam he well narrated his experience of the art of copying. That art everyone must learn, upon learning it could help an individual succeed in his life. As everyone knows that there are always two sides, Dark and Bright. Choosing the one that is the art and when an inexperienced walks on the unknown road, it gives pure meaning for what he was travelling.
The incident had happened with MK Gandhi at the time of his high school exam, he was misspelled the word Kettle. The teacher prompted him by pointing his boot at neighbor's slate but he did not prompt as advised.
One of the words was Kettle. I had misspelt it. The teacher tried to prompt me with the point of his boot, but I Would not be prompted. It was beyond me to see that he wanted me to copy the spelling from my neighbour's slate, for I had thought that the teacher was there to supervise us against copying. The result was that all the boys, except myself, were found to have spelt every word correctly. Only I had been stupid. the teacher tried later to bring this stupidity home to me, but without effect. I never could learn the art of copying.
Mr Gandhi also stated another example and he overrode all his elder’s advice and decided on his own to copy that person. The sorrow of Shravana’s parent over the death still was looking fresh for Mr Gandhi throughout his life. Such a developed mind at this age brought the great leader to India.
But somehow my eyes fell on a book purchased by my father. It was Shravana Pitribhakti Nataka-a book about Shravana's devotion to his parents. I read it with intense interest. There came to our place about the same time itinerrant showmen. One of the pictures I was shown was of Shravana carrying, by means of slings fitted for his shoulders, his blind parents on a pilgrimage. The book and the picture left an indelible impression on my mind. 'Here is an example for you to copy,' I said to myself.
His great experiences teach us deep about life, one of his act of principle three monkeys are more famous. They briefly explain not to see evil, hear evil and listen to evil which are bad things.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi at right with his brother
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. ― MK Gandhi
Our eyes can hide the entire world inside us, it has such a power of mercy or anger or it is the only eyes that make us blind from the entire world from experiencing it if it has a different expressive attitude. Gandhi's principles of nonviolence give deep meaning by one of his quotes above and have no one yet used as an example by any political leader. When we go anywhere, an eye first feels the presence of the place. Gandhi's family says that it is one of the real quotations by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

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