March 01, 2020

Margaretha's mother—They are Tulip seeds, the symbol of our country, but more than that, they represent a truth you must learn

Margaretha Zelle as Mata Hari (Exotic Dancer) 
Tulip seeds give birth to flowers roses like appearance, but they can’t be any other flowers, if they try to deny their own existence, they will live life bitter and die From The Spy by Paulo Coelho.
A phrase that brings meaningful thoughts and makes us begin to think and overthink our own lives and realities. The line that gives a real side picture of our past and future, both of them are interlinked. It was told to Margaretha Zelle by her mother at her young age. She was an exotic dancer born on 7 August 1876 in Dutch, who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War-1 and shot dead by the French Army.
Mata Hari as an Exotic Dancer Performing
on the stage (Image credit to Google)
Monday, 15 October 1917 in Paris nobody could forget that day, on that day the world’s one of the beautiful, famous ladies were shot dead. On that day she was in Saint Lazare prison cell. Margaretha was taken to the firing crew. At midnight she was out of the prison wearing her expensive hat on her head tied with silk ribbon, a pair of black leather gloves and her fur jacket.
When Sister Leaonide, Father Arbause and Captain Bouchrdon with her lawyer had entered into her cell no 12. The first lady who saw Margaretha sleeping in the cell was the sister Leaonide. What she had seen was that the prisoner was in peaceful sleep, she had hopes that one day she would come out of Saint Lazare happily, but it did not happen as expected by her and many of her friends. On the firing squad, one of the officers had asked to blindfold her at the time of firing, she had answered without blinking her eyes, “Must I wear that?” clearly showing no regrets. At the time of the encounter, she was neither bound or blindfolded. The sun was coming to the horizon when firing was done and the smokes wafting up in the air from the mouth of rifles
One of the officers was not sure about her death even after she was laying motionless. He went near the dead body and pulled his revolvers, shot in the head and said, “Mata Hari is dead,” loud and clear. Who is Mata Hari? A woman with many desires, money, fame and power, it was her stage name. She was the soul liked and loved by men. The sparkling woman who was raped by her principal when she was sixteen. The dancer could do anything for her dream—Dining in cities most expensive hotels, wearing rich clothes, ornaments and friendship with rich people and passing their gossip from country to country. 
Mata Hari at the firing squad. Image credit to Wiki

One of the best lines by her mother had taught her that “Intimacy” with a man should take place only when there is love, and when that is for a lifetime. Her husband Rudolf Macleod, was an officer in the Dutch army of Scottish descent. She got married on July 11, 1895, on responding to Rudolf’s ad in the newspaper. Later her husband turned violent, biting her, assaulting her every next day, treating her like a slut. Margaretha had a daughter and the second child was a boy, her son who later poisoned by one of his nannies. She had never thought that friendship with presidents, ministers would bring her to such punishment, the small piece of gossip turned her spy and cost her to death.
When Mata Hari was arrested there were 3 trunks, few things were found as below,
Gold watch bought in Switzerland
3 Pins in pearl and gold
Long feather’s a Veil
2 Fur Stoles
Riding Boots
5 Pairs of leather shoes
A box with hair
2 boxes of face powder
3 Combs
2 Cigarette cases, 1 in silver and 1 in gold
Wallets with photos of her and many other things...

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