March 02, 2020

Indira Gandhi's Letter to the first Prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru as her father

Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru with a child
The letters were originally published in 1928 when Indira Gandhi was ten years old, after reading the few letters, father and daughter’s chemistry was seen as very friendly and inspiring to others. The letters were not personal, but they were educational, the subjects of natural and human history. The demand for those letters to the public was high and soon translated from English to Hindi. The translator was one of the famous writers of India, Munshi Premchand. India’s writer of the early twentieth century.
More than 30 letters of father and daughter were published, one of the letters on her birthday,
Mr Nehru wished her through a letter rather sending or giving a physical gift, it was a bit of powerful advice in the words. Jawaharlal wrote,
“You know sweetheart, how I dislike sermonising and doling out good advice”
He further wrote saying whenever he is stuck identifying what is wrong or what is not wrong. He never did a sermon and doling but by talking and discussing as the discussion is always the opposite of giving a lecture.
Letters from father to his daughter

“I have liked my talk with you and we have discussed many things, but the world is wide and beyond our world’s lie other wonderful and mysterious worlds. None of us ever be bored or imagine that we have learned everything wise” His endless advice makes people think beyond our natural power and the true things come out, following to such mindset the lie in this universe won’t exist."

Below one more letter from Mr Neharu on her birthday gave a meaningful thought. Decide anything is always not an easy thing in this world. Desire to hide or do things secretly decreases our divine power and only felt is fear inside of our soul. The afraid soul could die or vanish anytime. Further, he wrote,
Real letter to Indira Gandhi from Nehru
“It is not an easy matter to decide what is right and what is not, one little test I shall ask you to apply whenever you are in doubt. Never do anything in secret or anything that you would wish to hide anything means that you are afraid and fear is a bad thing and unworthy of you. Be brave and all the rest follows.”This letter was written on her 13th birthday and was published publicly in the famous Indian collection, “Letters from a father to his daughter”. One of her brave replies to her father, her immense interest in the political world shows strong and seeking the best advice from her experience father. One of her reply,
“Bapuji is in prison, but the magic of his message has stolen the hearts of Indian, millions men and women, and even little children, came out of their little shells and becomes India’s soldiers of freedom.”

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