March 07, 2020

First Indian Writer: Beauti does not need ornaments, softness can't bear the weight of ornaments—Munshi Premchand

 “चिंता एक काली दीवार की भाँति चारों और से घेर लेती है, जिसमे से निकले कि फिर कोई गली नहीं सुजाति”
Anxiety surrounds it like a black wall, from which remember there no street emerge out
The man who was born as Dhanpat Rai Srivastav on 31st July 1880 Lambai, in north India. He was once a teacher, a school administrator, editor and founder of his own journal publication, Hans and Jagaran. Most of the famous work is in Hindi, Urdu and Russian Literature. All the work was addressed and delivered in April 1936 at the inaugural meeting in All India progressive writers association in Lucknow was set up by Urdu writer Syed Sajjad Zaheer.
He was a writer of the 20th century and was confirmed the first author in Hindi of India. Most of his work was narrated the way life is, specialties in Sarcasm and Social commentary. Well famous for writing strong characters and giving a meaningful message to the society through his magical pen

From his, all the hard work seems he wanted a change in ordinary lives and due to his tone of writing, his early name changed to Premchand. His notable work includes Godaan, Bazaar-e-husn, Karmabhoomi. His pen was a sword that used to arouse people’s, national and social awareness. Most of the writing inspiration was from Swami Vivekanand and his thoughts. Some of his work was burned down by the British empire when his interest in political affairs had grown.
Brought down many social issues such as poverty, Zamindari exploitation, dowry etc. Once David Rubin wrote, “Premchand belongs the destination of creating the genre of the serious short-strong and the serious novel as well as both Hindi and Urdu. One of his poetry still inspires people in the world.
He has made crores of Indians understand how friendship forms and its importance. The trust is friendship in his meaning and he has very well placed these powerful worlds together in this poem.

“जुम्मन जब हज करने गये थे तब अपना घर अलग को सौंप गए थे. अलगू जब कभ बहार जाते तोह जुम्मन पर अपना घर छोड़ जाते थे. उनके न खान-पान का व्यवहार था न  धर्म का नाता, केवल विचार मिलते थे. मित्रता का  मूल मंत्र भी यही है  - पांच परमेश्वर”

“When Jumman went to perform Hajj, he handed over his house to Alagu. When Algu used to go out, he used to handover his house to Jumman. He had neither food and behavior nor religion, only ideas of both were matching. This is also the key to friendship - Five Gods”
India is still going through a crisis on religious values and such a poet, the writer who contributes toward the clean non-religious value there will be no time when people of all the religions will come together and celebrate their success and happiness.
He was a king in writing Indo-Muslim cultural history. His education was done in 1919, BA in literature.

सन् अट्ठारह सौ अस्सी, लमही सुंदर ग्राम।
प्रेमचंद को जनम भयो, हिन्दी साहित काम।।

परमेश्वर पंचन बसें, प्रेमचंद कहि बात।
हल्कू कम्बल बिन मरे, वही पूस की रात।।

सिलिया को भरमाय के, पंडित करता पाप।
धरम ज्ञान की आड़ में, मनमानी चुपचाप।।
बेटी बुधिया मर गई, कफन न पायो अंग।
घीसू माधू झूमते, मधुशाला के संग।।

होरी धनिया मर गए, कर न सके गोदान।
जीवनभर मेहनत करी, प्रेमचंद वरदान।। 

मुन्नी तो तरसत रही, आभूषण नहि पाई।
झुनिया गोबर घूमते, बिन शिक्षा के माहि।।

बेटी निर्मला कह रही, कन्या दीजे मेल।
जीवनभर को मरण है, ब्याह होय बेमेल।। 

पंच बसे परमात्मा, खाला लिए बुलाय।
शेखा जुम्मन देखते, अलगू करते न्याय।। 

1880, Lamhi Sundar Village.
Birthday to Premchand, Hindi literature work.

Parmeshwar Panchan Buses, what is Premchand
Hulku without blankets, the same night.

Celia to deceive, Pandit committing sin.
Under the guise of Dharam knowledge, arbitrary silence.
Daughter Budhia died, not Shroud Payo Anga.
Ghisu Madhu jhumte, with the tavern.

Hori coriander died, Godan could not do it.
Work hard for life, boon Premchand.

Munni loved it, could not find jewellery.
Jhunia dung roams, without education.

Daughter Nirmala is saying Kanya Dijay mail.
Life is death, marriage is a mismatch.

Punch settled God, called for Khala.
Seeing Shekha Jumman, separating justice.
This poetry give us overall his thoughts for our society and the real-life situation

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