March 26, 2020

"Faith is of no evil in absence of strength. Faith and Strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work"ㅡSardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Iron man of India

The man who once was an unambitious student and younger children of the family were one of the seven children to Jhaverbhai who had finished his matric exam late at the age of 22, a boy from a small city, Nadiad, Gujarat ventured went to London for higher studies and had become barrister of Ahmadabad, India completed his study before the actual period of the course. 
Mr Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar was an eminent politician, deputy prime minister of India and the Government of India built his statue on his birthday 31st October and declared “National Unity Day” the statue is 182 mㅡ597 ft long.
The statue that called, the world’s largest and longest Statue of Unity.
His work was first marked in 1918 when he went against the Bombay government helping the local farmers of Gujarat for refusing to pay taxes in British rule, he had visited village-to-village, person-to-person and made local villagers understand well about taxes and had made awareness among the farmers paying the taxes.
Thousands of farmers and villagers were saved from being raided on their property, first man who supported Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-co-operation Movements and helped to add almost 300,0000 of volunteers and raised funds to 1.5 million. He and his supporters had burned down all the goods from the British. While Mr Patel and his family who used to wear branded clothes had stopped wearing British clothes and immediately they switched to Khadi, a local cotton clothing brand made from Indian cotton and its factories.  Mr Malvankar came in contact many times with a distinguished leader, Mr Patel and convince Mr Patel to join an independence movement with Gandhi. Once he said to Vallabhbhai,
 Gandhi would ask you if you know to sift pebbles from wheat and that is supposed to bring independenceㅡGanesh Vasudev Malvankar
After several meetings with Gandhi and his supporters, Mr Patel had decided to join the independence movement in 1917, He continuously worked hard against alcoholism, caste discrimination and empowerment of women as it was a crucial factor to unite India.

NehruGandhi, and Sardar

He led the Congress party in 1937, spent almost three years in prison in the Ahmadabad fort in 1942. Mr Patel was about to become the first prime minister of India but due to partiality or forceful statements by Congress leader Mahatma Gandhi chose Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the first prime minister of India but he became First Deputy Prime Minister of India, actively 15 August 1947ㅡ15 December 1950. Upon his contribution and participation forming a united India, Modi’s government, Bhartiya Janata Party had decided to build a statue of the unity of Sardar Vallabhbai Patel which has built awesome, well-shaped engineered, involved many hard workers and best-talented people from India on his birthday.
Native People were saying bad about Statue of Unity, Iron man of India as they were expecting more about the exemption on farm loan they can't pay to the bank, education fees to be reduced and reduction in petrol price. locals got a chance and worked as labor for the statue for their wages, people who even have no vehicles. The statue fed their families for many months. A new smile on their children's faces was only this was the reason. Hopefully, it will unite the people again, the country and the world looking at his history.
Iron man―Statue of  Unity

People nearby who had no employment now got a chance to set up a shop to serve visitors. This was a great initiative taken by the Indian government providing employment to the unemployed. This one statue will attract many foreigners and other states public for the next six to seven centuries and more.
Opposite politician reactions are always there, even some support. There is nothing new in this type, in the end when the one who gets the power will take care of The Statue of Unity, so why naming it? Common Man of India What They Need? The common man of India needs a job and two times food, even if they don't expect regular breakfast on time, lunch and dinner are enough for them. They even don't have time to talk about anything bad or good.

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