February 24, 2020

Love Keep Us Alive

It is a matter by what things we are tied 
If it is an iron string or a rotten rope 
The connection of love, soul to soul will fight and cope 
My feelings for you are enormous, 
in my heart, it is securely lodged 
Nobody can snatch or take away from me babe 
I will die before you, engaging securing you till the end of my last blood 
Though I died, my soul will not leave you this is my word 
My love is unconditional 
If you died early, you can live with me even paranormal 
Every night, I will be holding you beside 
Just give a chance, your hand, 
In my life, I will never lie 
I will forgive your every mistake 
Even if my heart you misplaced 
If you love this way, 
We both in heaven will lay 
I am sure we will alive forever 
People will never forget ever