January 23, 2020

Wondering how symptoms define my thyroid, many of my friends have been suggested me go for thyroid test — Swati Umak

I am annoyed when people say this symptom is one of the kinds of the thyroid.

Following were my symptoms —

  • Paining my legs
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gained (4-5) kg
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Irregular monthly period

Finally, I have decided to go with the thyroid test and check whether I have positive or negative.

It was an evening when I suddenly realized that I have crossed two months irregular periods and I was worried. I was in the market and saw a hospital nearby. I went inside and asked,

"How can I test my thyroid and how much I have to pay."

Though there was a fear ran through to my spine but there was a no option I was left with. These irregular periods were going for more than six months. And most of the things that when one of the nurses said that If you got thyroid, you may have to take tablets for the entire life if it is out of control.

"You have to come early morning without eating or drinking anything — except your morning tea. You just have to pay 600 rupees."

The hospital was not too far, it was just 3.5 km from my house. I gave him a thumbs up and left.

Let's see what and how my symptoms are exactly that matches to thyroid ones. I will share with you guys my test result soon.