January 23, 2020

When acid re-flux won't let your stomach digest any food, I tried this one remedy and got relaxed in 12 hours

Hello readers!

Thank you for visiting my blog daily. Last week was very pathetic and annoyed as my stomach was not performing as usual. How it had happened and how to avoid for you too, I will explain to you guys in this blog post.

Photo by Žygimantas Dukauskas on Unsplash
Being a corporate employee, it is very difficult to maintain a daily schedule every day. I work for 24/7 shift and I have usually two shift timings. One starts in the early morning at 4 am and the second shift two hours later, 6 am. It last long for 9.15 hours, at 1 pm I log out.
Once a month I have to go for the early morning shift, 1st shift and I called it 4 to 1 shift. I work for Australia.

On the first day, that is on Monday I had tea on an empty stomach with some toasted bread and some snacks. Usually, after that, I go for breakfast around 8:30 to 9:30 am. At 1 pm I log out and go home, get a bath and have lunch. Around 3 pm I take a nap for two-three hours.

If I had only a cup of tea in the morning then I go for breakfast at 8:30 as I become hungry at that time. But that day was horrible, 9:30 was already done but I couldn't feel hungry. All the breakfast stall and counters get close on sharp 10:30 pm max. 
"I did a mistake."
I thought I will get hungry smelling the hot food in the canteen so I locked the system and went for breakfast. Also thought I must take some sunlight. I ordered a mix-veg Paratha, by the time 20 minutes were already done when I got it. 

"I had no hunger at all. but still I proceed further and ate the food forcefully."

When I came home, without having a bath and lunch I directly went to bed. When I woke up, all my body was paining. I take a day off from the office, feeling acid in my throat.
At the same time, my cold and cough rose and was out of control.

For almost four days I had the problem with acid reflux which was for the first time in my life. The stomach was boiling food whatever I used to eat. I started drinking more water, in the middle of the night I had vomiting too on the second day.

My wife brought bananas on the third day. I ate that and within 12 hours I got back to normal. I was feeling my stomach normal and whatever I was eating was digesting smoothly.

Had you any such instances in your life? Please do share in the comment box.