January 23, 2020

Temper Has A Short Time, But If You are Not able To Win Over, It Would Ruin Your Life

Paul Skorupskas

That day was very sad, it was started with silent wake up in the early coldest morning of the week. I went office by bicycle on that foggy day. If something strange happens, it follows the entire day like that only. I only go to the office by motorbike only when I have fast for that day. I was strongly and badly sad. My wife did not wake up from the bed as there was a small fight over the last night. I was damn sure that

That is an ugly fact? When couples sleep apart on the bed facing back, we try a lot to get into sleep but always failed and it is a problem of both. We never fall asleep easily for almost 1-2 hours, Our brain keeps running behind the random right and wrong. It keeps running wild thoughts in our head. Sometimes pulling blanket, it does by one who regrets teasing and after sometimes, it ends into laughter and then we meet and a hug again brings us closer.

That day last night fight was too ugly like a cold war and we both were sad, it was my wife's fault or not I was not sure. After working with my silent behaviours in the office with my sad look, behind my smile, my close friend could easily find how much unhappy I am. Sometimes the front of management I have to keep all the worries and problems besides and focus on the allocated work.

After my shift ends, I went home. I thought that I will work late evening and then go home. But I couldn't resist that. I reached home and heard my wife from the kitchen.

I thought She must have been cooking food thinking my husband must be hungry. it brought a smile on my face. But after parking my bicycle in the hall, I brought my face back to silent look.

It was for the first time without telling her she placed a potful of water on the induction for heating. I usually get a bath at around 4-5 pm when I return home. When I ride the bicycle, a lot of sweat wet my clothes. So I bath twice in a day. While she went into the washroom across the hall but we did not look into each other's eyes, just blindly ignored by both of us.

Upon experiencing this, I felt very bad again and after that, she left into the kitchen. She was still cooking food. I switched on TV and fan. I thought water is getting ready for a bath till the time I should watch Television. There was a quiet silence across the house. As the TV suddenly started bouncing its sound on the walls and ears, my daughter came near me and spoke, BABA (A famous name in Maharashtra for calling father) Looking at her face I wore again my smile and happy face thinking what she did wrong?

The wife crossed me taking warmed water into the bathroom even this time without even a glance at me and emptied it into the regular bucket for the bath. I went in and while bath my daughter came inside and started playing with the water. She loves taking bath even if it is more than five times a day. As her mother heard, she came and took her to the kitchen. At that time also we did not speak a word and not even for a single second we look into each other's eyes. I thought that I will not speak even today and sleep the same as we did yesterday. While bath, I was thinking that I will not eat and will go to sleep without having food.

I came back to the hall wearing my night pant and a t-shirt and sat at the same place I was watching TV, I quickly got surprised.

the surprise was unexpected and for a moment from I entered the house I never thought that this will happen. My wife walked into the hall with a Thali in hand. It was freshly cooked food and the special thing was she had a broad smile looking into my eyes. Thali has extra food as you can say, it was my favourite food. Two curries, Cumin-rice, Ghee flavoured cooked lentil.

My smile was slowly gearing up and was responding cooperatively and within no time it turned into a laugh. The laughing was strongly agreed with her. And she sat beside me with a surrendering look, it was the longest laugh of the day. Then she hugged me and gave me a kiss and I returned the same. The feelings that evoke in me was different. A tear of love appeared quickly on my cheek. It happens only for your loved one. It happened for the first time in life that a smile can be a witness to a big fight. Within a second that hateful face turned into a loving one.

"It was a clear cut example that love only add love and hate only contribute hate"

In Hate, if you add some love it becomes completely Love and If you add hate in Love then it becomes Hate. So Hate gives hate and love gives love, as simple as it is.

One thing I learned when someone smile, it does not matter how sad you are, you give definitely a smile back and that's the nature's law. If my wife thought not to smile and give me food. I would have enjoyed on my own but a smile brought the happiness on my face. That one smile gave me a lesson. When anybody you found is sad or angry then you should start with a smile. If it happens with your spouse then this is the best thing to start.

This will help you stop fighting and spread the love more...