January 23, 2020

Possible reasons why boys are not favourite to their fathers | You can simply use these tricks and make a good bond with your daddy or son

We all know that there is the strongest relation between father-daughter, mother-son. In most of the families, the fight over father and son happens due to the weak relationship between them. There are a few reasons I am going to discuss here. I have related and experienced these things from one of my neighbourhoods.

Possible reasons why boys are not favourite to their fathers | You can simply use these tricks and make a good bond with your daddy
Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

There are some bad habits that daddy follows at the home or his behaviour does not like at all. I have read much news that son killed his father at the age of 21 due to his high drinking habit or some other day I see the news in the newspaper that a working man suicide due to family issues.

There is a neighbour of five members in his family, husband, wife and three sons. Some are graduated, under-grad. Father drinks every day and beat-up his wife. The boys are well matured and one of the boys every next day punch his father and break and bleed the nose. It keeps happening every week. Now his sons are also got the habit of drink and now every one of us has the same question, would his sons go to do the same thing with their spouse?

Rise of these situations only from parent's behaviours, if he could have to control his drinking and provide the best education to his children, It could have been one of the best families in my society.

They’re doings teach our son and daughter a bad thing and it is too late now.

Fighting with spouse

Fighting with wife unnecessary impact on the whole family including son and daughter. Everyone has some kind of bad habits but some they well knew how to control it or does not do inside their home. First of all, these are not supposed to do in front of your kids. If you are doing it willingly then it considered a kind of education that you are giving to your children. Whether you are fighting or drinking young generation captures everything in their mind and they do the same way their father does.

Listening to your boy

Father is one of the respected people in the family, and also expect it at every time but it does not mean you are not going to listen anybody out there. The way you get respect from your family members return it with more pleasure

Exchange the advises and solution

Whenever there are any advice and solution required to buy something or taking any kind of decision in the family, the first person in your family should be your wife and kids rather than asking your close friends outside. If you are giving importance to them next time your son will give the first preference to you only.

I see them no one talks to each other, three different sons have a different mindset and hardly speak to each other. his wife sacrifices and cook a meal at the end of the day but they don't love. The love is missing in the entire family.

Bossy attitude

Showing bossy attitude destroys the family, even royal families have been broken down into pieces. If the family broke, your value in the society becomes less and it signifies big loss.

His dad thinks that he is rich in his family, offers no money, he rules everyone, does no expenses and get beaten up by his own children. Who teaching his family? Father only!

Boss never going to achieve milestone alone.

Listening to no one in the family

Listening and understanding are very important in the family to survive and build good rapport in society. A person who does not listen in his own family members he will never listen to his friends.

If you try to stop fighting him with his wife, he will fight with you, scold you, even slap you. If his son is drunk and beating his father and it is dangerous to stop him, he would anytime start beating you.

That family is difficult to understand and left alone. Nobody bothers about them and the entire family have only anger.