January 23, 2020

One must visit this Kailash Temple once in a life

This temple made from only one solid big rock, this rock is Charanandri of Sahyadri Hills and the place once was called Elapura Village. Many tourists visit on weekends and Britishers now call it Ellora temple of Ellora caves. It is purely Shiv Temple, located near Aurangabad.

Cave 16 perticulary features largest single rock excavation in the world, it is dedicated to lord shiva. The sculptures depict gods, goddesses and especially mythologies found in Vaishnavism, Shaktism and summarises the two major Hindu Epics

Ther are more than 100 caves at the site, some of them represent reli12 Buddist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain. this sacred place is 29 kilometres north-west of Aurangabad and 100 km from Mumbai.

As per Indian history, the temple took almost 18 years to build. The outside wall of the temple has many sculptured statues of many Indian God and Goddess It is a work of holy 7000 worker's beautiful effort to make this possible.

The temple is at the centre and around has U shaped border of many small caves of the same stone. It is a stone of the world's biggest creation of temple in India.