January 23, 2020

One best way for releasing anger in one minute over the conversation from your office boss, this helped me a lot in my professional life

"Are you afraid of your boss and don't know how to handle that bothering moment when a sudden meeting addressed by your TL or manager?"

This is not a surprising question for you, must have had many meetings with your manager and team leader. Angry people have done many fights over the conversation and many ended in resigning the job in front of me. When two angry people meet, the topic of conversation keeps on going until the depth of the solution.

Nobody likes bossing, no one yet loved their manager, somewhere someone by now must-have in your head. It had also happened to me when I was working in one of the BPO. My manager was a drinker, fat-like buffalo and always takes the side of his favourite people, looking at his face I always sensed a fear of short-tempered from all his activities. Were newly joined folks and many things had started expecting from us right after our training finished.

In our organisation, we are not supposed to take leaves for the next six months that was a rule announced at the time of offer letter.

I already had worked for more than six months. It was a Diwali in the next two days and I had already planned my leaves and mail was circulated to my TL and managers one month in advance. Before two days starting Diwali vacation, a sudden call from AVP hit my mailbox and the entire floor was gathered too. It was an announcement of no leaves on Diwali before that favourite people used to get weekend working and were earning double amount.

It was too much of pain when someone had already planned the leaves and sudden you received an email from your TL that your leaves had cancelled. 

I was sure about favouritism here too, I got up from my desk and went straight to my TL and asked the reason. He suddenly got up from the chair and started shouting,
"You guys are not doing production, you leaving the work undone. It was not expected and you have to finish the work today and then go home."

His voice was too loud that what I wanted to discuss was kept aside and he kept shouting. What I did, you will be surprised. Front of him, I simply closed my eyes, listen to him carefully nodding my head I came back at my desk.
I can't tell you how I was frustrated and irritated.

Immediately I came to my desk and composed a letter, my resignation letter. But then I got a call from my parents and asked me to transfer urgent cash. I realised right there that this job is so important to me.

I closed my eyes and imagine his awkward face looked like a joker and his ugly teeth and bad pronunciation that did not suit at all. and laughed out loud. Within a minute I got to refresh and my anger vanished in a minute. All-day I kept watching his face like that and laughing. That time passed and I take it in a positive way and things changed.