January 23, 2020

Keep limit on accepting an expensive gift from your relatives, it may cause an end to your relationship

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

Accepting the expensive gift from your relative on your forceful insist how long is a good thing? Especially it is from the person who is rich than you. First time if you are accepting it from that moment you feel some financial burden from that person in the back of your mind. When your turn comes gift to the same person, you fill guilty about it when you are not able to give him/her same expensive gift. If you give the gift of even a penny cheaper, your friends and relations are under danger. There is a chance of losing that connection maybe forever.

It happened to me once, I would like to share this experience with you guys and need to understand how it was painful for me. But I have seen many of them keep continue to accept it, but they knew how to return with the pleasure. Few of them turn down in relationship permanent.

Back in my college days, I was denied going to Goa for zoo practical. It was a compulsion from the University of Pune. Some of my friends contributed individually and asked me to come for compulsory Zoo practical as it was great 10% of marks for the final exam. That time I was under a program, earning and learning in my life.

When days pass, one of my friend’s birthdays came, I did not get time to attend those due to busy office schedule, even I couldn’t get off for that day. Next day I visit his house for wishing belated happy birthday and present him. He unwrapped the gift, and show an unpleasant smile looking at the gift. It was a clear indication that he was not happy on my visit and accepting the gift. His behaviour got changed within the few minutes and I never remember that he ever called me. I called him many times but he did not receive the call or never return my missed call and messages.