January 25, 2020

It Was a First Time On the Beech

Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash
It was the first time hearing
A beech sound pleasuring me
We had travelled distance long miles
On that day I had bad intestine.
 We had five hours of journey
Covered almost 150 km
In three stopped by mini-bus
with my office-mate
People were so much funny
We had hired a house in a village
Slept tired after eating local tasty veg
Sleep was so calm
First time I had slept in the yard
I didn’t need a piece of music for sleep
Ocean sound took me quickly to a dream deep
Early morning tide woke me fresh
I turned and saw a huge sea
Coconut trees had beautifully dressed
Without brush and without tea
In my short, half nude like a horse, I flee
Necked legs had the first time ran on the shore
Those had the only experience of concrete floors
Salty water splashed on, and upon the thighs
We couldn’t resist and jump into the sea like splattered dice
We enjoyed till afternoon, had seafood
While return we took strawberries
And fought with a shopkeeper, dog-like rude