January 23, 2020

I Was So Happy When I Walked into A Hospital

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash
I was so happy when I walked into a hospital
Rubbed my hand over my nine months womb gentle
I was dreading it since the day I got to know I was pregnant
In this big world staying alone without you at home I can’t
We both husband and wife waiting for this great day
And bought many toys for our future baby
And in a few seconds, we are going to be a parent way
Sudden a jerk shook my body
A doctor spoke something in my husband’s ear a lie
In my pain, I was still thinking why he was telling and why
I felt it is something an important conversation guys
I had got a question, was my nine months old decision was wise?
A tear of my husband came on his cheek
I lost my strength and mind started me freak
I heard a word that means an impossible
The site's front of me became dull
A doctor took me to an operation theatre
In my own thoughts and questions, I became a waiter
The doctor gave me two injections and I went to sleep
After 24 hours I had opened my eyes and the destiny did a swept.
I had cried and asked for my baby child
All I remembered I was a wild
My husband caressed me and patted my back
He cried and gestured at a sack
He said, there inside is our baby
My heart beats increased, my baby has died? I had thought
I want my baby, until the end of the day, these words were shots.
I was so happy when I walked into the hospital