January 23, 2020

I felt very different when I attended Ganges Prayer for 45 minutes in Varanasi ― Interview with Sandeep Savalajkar

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Why did you decide to go and how you reached Varanasi, has someone told you to go there?

Sandeep Savalajkar had remarkable journey 

It was my friend’s wedding in Allahabad, we suddenly made a plan and decided to go Varanasi. Actually, I had a wish to see the river, Ganges. I had seen it in only movies, their ritual, traditional prayers all I had fad about it. We grabbed a train Sahyandri from Kalyan, Mumbai. You can get it from Pune also. When we got there at the station, you can go near the river Ganges by walk or hire a shared rickshaw in just 20 rupees.
Varanasi is well connected and it’s a very nice city, you will get all three-five star hotels, lodging.

When prayer starts, how long it takes and the feeling comes after attending?

Pic credit - Sandeep Savalajkar
If you want to attend the prayer, to complete prayer will take at least 45 mins minimum and it happens once in a day.
When I attend it for the first time, I was very curious to know how does it happen. There were many lightning, Diyas.
I just wanted to sit there for more and more. I was feeling very relaxed like I am having therapy.
The voice from the prayer was soothing, healing my heart, mind and the entire body.
Thousands of devotees wore red clothes, attend the prayer, the sacred smell make you fall in love with spirituality. You will feel, the end is here only.

How was the experience of watching the Ganges?

Ganga View from a point where I was standing and watching hundreds of devotees
I never had seen Ganges before, it is very long, maybe more than 15-20 km. My eyes couldn’t reach to the end. You can take a small wooden boat for a ride, having a lot of stony steps down the water. Thousands of boat travel on Ganges every day. It is very clean and does not smell at all. There is a burial place ― Smashan Bhumi, where the dead body keeps burning, Saint keep themselves busy looking straight without getting disturbed by others around the temples, lost somewhere. 
Saints won’t call you to ask you for money, If you want to talk to them, you can go and have a talk.

We saw, foreigners go to them and ask something, they keep talking for hours. They look sometimes scared, I heard, they have many mantras, having placed ashes on their forehead, white long beard, their long hairs. They are expert smoking weed, you will find them on every nook of Varanasi.

Some people call it Benares, some Kashi, and rest of the world Varanasi ― What’s actually the real name of the city?

Varanasi blog
Kashi-many temples you can see from this point, especially prayers
It has three names, but when I visited, I heart Varanasi and you will also get the train of the same name. Big city, reasonable food prices, cleaned.

I thought that food and travelling would be costly but I did not experience like that anything there. I was feeling like I am in Pune. Weather was also good and not that sunny. There is a main temple of Shiva and that is called Kashi temple.

Varanasi is a holy place ― Spiritual capital of India, a religious hub in India. There are many Ghats, Manikarnika Ghat, Munshi Ghat, Sashashwamedh Ghat
I have also been to Ayodhya, It is almost 250 km from Varanasi and stayed there for one day, there is a Ram temple. But due to crisis, the guards were not allowing us to go inside, the conflict between Ram mandir or Babari masjid.

The dream city of  Hindu

There is not that impressive than I was in Varanasi, I mostly enjoyed Kashi.