January 25, 2020

I Asked A Help From A Tree, How Are You Living Like A Legend, But Why Not Me — I Am Just Watching And Talking To you Like A Nerd.

Photo by Mass Much on Unsplash

I was alone with a burden of thousand tension, those tensions could never be solved talking to someone. I thought let's seat under the shadow of the tree. This tree I watch when I pass this road. And whenever I do, while giving me a soft calm sense of the existence of me and my life. When I sit here, I feel all the problem just flew away like an air.
Finally, I made my mind and sat there looking up at it's long and strong branches. It is my favourite and the best tree in the world for me. I feel very relaxed when I approach or think about it. I felt content when I spend at least a few minutes there.

"A mind full of tension could never think beyond its limit but when anyone seeks help from natural things it works."

How you have built strong and fit, gives your shelter to many people and ask in returns nothing, I thought. You have enough strength to fight with this world, how you could manage all the summer and rain? I am feeling that I should finish myself, but when I look at you, I feel I would regret my decision. I am feeling I must live... life is good ahead.

You are such a great tree, you are built strong, you have no worries, no family, tension and other cruel human's never-ending feelings and wishes. Whatever man does in his life, he found never content. One by one his wish keep continues and there where he breaks at the end thinking I have done so much but still I am not that happy. When I look at you, I feel that you are so happy and satisfied where you are and with your actuality.

I look around and saw beautiful hills and the path, a man was carrying his daughter on his shoulder talking and laughing. I also smiled when both look at me, looking at them a thought came in my mind and I missed my son too. He is doing schooling and very smart, I also missed my innocent wife who went to her father's house leaving me behind — tired of me and my excessive drinking habits affairs. She has proved good wife many times but I was a nerd who hardly did care about her. I beat her to death, slap her almost every day, but she still was ready to continue with me. Today is the 15th anniversary of our marriage and she is not with me, it's been 15 days. I realised that though my affair with someone else, but someone won't take the place of my wife and my family.
I got a slap from her for the first time, my wife had never done to me ever. She also left me today permanently when she found I have no money left in my wallet. I spent a lot of on her than my wife but today I regret found that she does not love me — the love was for showcase and for money.

I looked up at the Banyan tree, how I will face my wife? 
While I saw a couple, 85 years old passing by me holding a hand-in-hand—supporting her husband. Looking at them, a tear rolled down on my cheek, the heart became heavy, I badly missed my wife and I got up. Took a long breath, withdrew my mobile phone and dialled my wife's mobile number.

"Hey, get ready. I am coming to take you guys back... Just... just...can't stay alone without you guys."