January 22, 2020

Hungry Stomach

It was cold, I was told 
He was a dick I already knew, 
Though I was going by toeing 
He was cruel I was sure 
But he was one of my best friends. 
We were heading into the dark 
Like sitting on a cold iron tank. 
A gutter dumps us leaving the scars 
Alone on the way in the midnight, 
Where there no bikes and cars. 
We headed to his girlfriend's house
Like two dark shadows walking slowly like mouse
He whistled near the gate when the colony was asleep 
On the 1st floor 
Dim light coming from a window dear 
Quickly flung opened,
He looked at me when a waiter gates amount in token. 
She threw a rope and descend 
I saw her in front of us, she handed him cash 
Who was every time on her depend? 
While returning hungry stomach made me ask 
I am hungry, can we have some snacks 
He tapped on my back and said let's go jack 
We came back to our home
Too late at 4 am