January 23, 2020

How we come closer after our hard fight? If such a fight wasn't there, the love wouldn't mind

Initial life journey is always a difficult process that everyone has to go through

When we were born, we have many things to learn, starting from walking or learning bicycle, we fail many times, get many wounds. It happens due to lack of experience, some people give up so soon but it is life and has many forms. When we get married or fall in a relationship, the hill size misunderstanding comes and goes, in that periods we learn and only understand life.
In my case, it was an arranged marriage and the marriage was fixed in two days.

How it is difficult to know each-others in two days, but when real soul meets the idea comes from the first glance that how many days it is going to work or how long-lasting or how we got attached to each-others.

"The connections of our souls give us indications and that indication always wise."
Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash

Like and dislike confusion

Hardly interest, likes and choices met frequently. When the opposite decision or likes come, two pots colloid and leads to fighting. If the fight was too strong then one of those ego hearts and our mind stopped on one decision, we don’t talk with each other for hours, days or sometimes weeks too. Actually, in that case, it is our loss if you both love truly. At the end of the day, it’s your wife/husband that one day you have to take care of the lifetime but no one else. If you are in a temporary relationship or have a girlfriend/boyfriend then not talking is a bit okay.

What is your special rule after a hard fight with your love?

As a human, everyone has a good and bad idea, to carry out smoothly of our family life, we must set up rules for the situation. That situation could be good or worst, if you already set the one, it is easier to deal with.
For instance, if I am travelling by bike, I must wear a helmet, if I am fat, I shouldn’t eat oily food and less on sugar etc. Thus in the relationship, if I had a fight do you know what I do? After any worst fight or even a fight of a minute, either of us cracks jokes and laugh out loud. Forcefully trying to smile by making a sudden physical move ― playing with hair or body that evoke smile (it depends upon person to person.) partners know where the perfect spot brings the smile.

How do you convince your life partner after a disaster?

In a bad situation, convincing power matters a lot but the next person must have a good understanding. Life is too long and has many problems, remember no one born with a simple and easy life. If someone has money then he must be lacking a peaceful life or vice versa. At the same time, convincing is not at all easy, one must develop it. Happening this in between the couples brings love stronger. In fight or after the fight this is the one, first weapon you can try to start approaching your loved one. For that, you might have to sacrifice a lot, but it is for your love not someone else.