January 23, 2020

How loss of your time and efforts destroy your money. There is one thing which is more than money.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
The time, efforts and money are interlinked, most of the time we forget to analyse the situation and that impact is huge on our life. finely we end up in the loss of time, money or effort.

Time is Money


We all know time is equivalent to money. Every day we are in a hurry when we travel because we travel when there is a requirement. Even in the world of technology we often failed to manage the time. You must be thinking how?

When we have a car, we covered the distance of thousands of kilo-meter in two days that we used to do more than ten days by walking. Though we go late or we ride our car in a hurry and finely met with an accident.

When time loss happens?

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We got a habit of not analyzing the things before our actions and the outcomes in our future from the things what we are doing?
Eg: Though we are having a vehicle, we divert our journey from the long way and find a shortcut. That shortcut could save our time almost 1 hour of extra journey. Without analysis, we go by that route which is not well constructed and we end up repairing our car for puncture or result in heavy damage

Efforts need time

Suppose, one engineer spent his ten years to build a low average fuel car, but that car only carries two people. The pick-up of the car results not that impressive. If he was working and focusing on the average of the car, not on the pick-up then after spending ten years of his life got wasted.
The efforts and time both are interlinked, they work together.

Not knowing exactly what right or wrong

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash
Most of the people know what to do and what will get the outcomes from the things they are doing. They mostly don't focus on what is right or wrong.
The first and foremost thing is to know what is correct. We make friends and soon falls in love, the main thing is we fail to understand the right person because we don't analyse the things. After what happens? we regret our decision, loss the time and our efforts to sustain the relationships.
What is that thing I am going to talk exactly here is about our brain, it has the power to identify what is wrong and what is right. Everyone has a good amount of brain but we don't use that on the time. If we have used that on the correct time for analysis we could have saved that time, money and efforts