January 23, 2020

How do you feel when you do fasting? Yesterday I felt someone eating my fat inside my stomach

When I was a child, I used to listen from my grandmother that inside of your stomach are butterflies those roam in when you have an empty stomach. Is that really so?

I do fasting once in a week just one time like yesterday, but for 10 years it's happening. It had started when I was going through food poisoning at my child.
Causing due to overeating, irregular time, without taking care of what nutritional value I am getting from that.
I was not knowing what is hunger, how one feels when he or she didn't get food.
Yesterday I closely studied my stomach how it feels inside and laughed out loudly. Thinking about my grandma. She uses to kidding me, you should eat tonight or else butterfly will eat your stomach. That time I had a good sense of humour why butterfly will get in my tummy and eat my flesh.

I apply that rule when I do fasting. I read somewhere on the internet that when someone is fat and having no food then his gastric fluid starts working hard — eat fats and thus it is an easier way to get rid of your weight.