January 23, 2020

Hold My Hand - Am asking your hand, don't think for the sake of Time pass!

Am asking your hand, don’t think for the sake of time pass! 
I want to be with you, forever-ever and world class! 
I will stick to you; walk with you, fly and dance! 
Care, love, and honesty will my daily work, give me a chance! 
What do you thinking, looking at my hand, just Hold My Hand...! 
Support you, love you, and kiss you and thousands of hugs for sure not perchance! 
All sorrow of you, I want to buy and be the buyer all over the time! 
This is the promise I make with you, don’t take me wrong! 
Rose in my hand, asking for the true love, do not make me hard and strong! 
Down, Standing on knees, Is just a start of my love, looking for opportunity 
Accept my rose and Hold My Hand..!