January 23, 2020

Have you seen somebody illiterate bossing knowledgeable person? Never let it happen. If it happened with you then you are a coward

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash
My dear friends, how are you? Hope you are all doing well.

Most of us start our professional careers and somewhere we have our manager or team leader in life. Don’t worry if you are a housewife, and you have been a great leader of the family that’s quite awesome. But most of the families have clashes between MIL and DIL.

"In my office, recently one of my TL said that never let illiterate bossing on you if you think you have more knowledge."

Most of the time an organisation hires TL’s and managers who have good knowledge of handling team members but have no product knowledge.

Many managers failed at their task when they have less product idea. Imagine if your manager keeps you shouting on the silly mistakes. Those mistakes that have less important but then you caught by your TL or manager who has no product knowledge then what you will do, you think? You will give no importance because you work every day you had assigned and done your production on time and at the end of the day if your boss shouts at you on silly mistakes then definitely you will get angry and next day onwards you will stop doing extra work.

Who would be the best manager according to you?

One who has well product information and the one who has good people management skills? I believe, the one who has a grasp on both the side. In the service industry, it is equally important.

In a family, if it is happening to a newly wedded woman trying to teach MIL who is well experienced in her life then it is wrong and I blame MIL for that reason. Without having knowledge shouting on someone who is respected in the family, bringing such a situation is the fault of the experienced one.

You must be confused about what I mean to say exactly? If the expert person does not know how to handle the situation then illiterate definitely teach you irrespective of the position and power.

This has happened to one of my friend who was working in IBM, He has been a subject matter expert and doing his work with pride. Suddenly his manager got a new job and all his efforts he had put for his next level went in ruined. When his new manager taken his first meeting, he introduces his people management skills. He had been in the management field for seven years and received the best manager award in 2018.

My friend had observed that he got a different attitude and felt it was difficult to understand him. While in the meeting his mobile was not on the silent mode and thus he shouted in front of all the team members.
He immediately left the meeting and send an email subjected, Resignation Letter he had felt a public shame and his credit lost. He was sure that this new manager is not going to promote him to the next level. After he resigned, he was jobless for the next six months and he had to join another company on the same level.

What had happened here?

The situation created by only my friend, he suffered. He did not even get a chance to know his manager. Having a product knowledge does not help, you must have a grasp on management. It is a very crucial part of any corporate job. Maybe my friend had good knowledge of what he is doing but if you are not able to handle people, situation and the client then it is difficult for you to crack down on the next level.