January 23, 2020

Finally found a solution on a long back symptoms that was causing eye irritation – Rubbing eyes to pain solved

Thank you, guys!

Your regular visit and reading my content on this blog really making my day and inspires me to write more about it.

I am going to reveal a symptom that how I manage almost to reduce up to 50% by just doing a home remedy.

Working in front of the computer is not a joke, your eyes go dry, eye vision becomes blurs and many challenges you have to face if you are working on a laptop or computer.

I guess, it been almost 12 years that I am working on the computer for at least on average 7 hours a day.

At the initial stage, I had spec, 0.25 It was my first job at that time I had to purchase it just to show my manager that I am that obeying and hardworking man. After using for two years, I thought it is making me dependant and If I should not stop right there then it will become a host for the entire of my life. I quit using spec in 2014

But, by now you must have a question that how did you manage after that. I was not able to see the image or letters clearly after 30 meters. I was already athletically built when I was born, going on farms, swimming was my childhood habit as we had a river in my village. The cycling was my favourite amongst everything. I did my schooling, colleges and even at current, I travel almost 32 km every day by my bicycle.

So let's talk about what is the symptom that I am having at the moments and how I am curing it at home – I hate going to the hospital rather first do my first aid at home.

The continuous rubbing on both the eyes alternate day or sometimes every day. I was fed-up of this type of issues which have been for the last six months. First thing in my mind had come that due to pollution it is happening. In our area, the road is working in progress which I travel every day to my office.

Don't worry, I use a helmet, I cover my nose. Every possible thing I am doing on my own to take a good amount of precautions. But after all, doing these, it does not seem to improve it at all. irritation was acute. After that, I started washing my irritational eyes and area around it by cold water. I had purchased an eye drop from the nearest medical store. I used that medicine many times and expired within 1 – 2 months.

Last week I noticed some red spots around the eyes and the skin became very delicate on rubbing. I understood that there is some red spot needs to be treated by some antiseptic cream.

I used Dettol, an antiseptic liquid. I put some on palm, close my eyes and rubbed it softly. Before applying, I washed my hands and face with cold water. I used the same procedure twice a day. Now it's the second day today. Hope it will cure fast. I got 50% good result, feeling quite better.