January 23, 2020

Do you know E-Cigarette can cause cancer or it is purely healthy? | India Banned E-Cigarette

Vaping can damage your lung or not, it is you're the first question in the mind. I have read some of the articles and here is my conclusion. Hope I am providing you with some useful information that you can control your smoking and keep yourself healthy.

What is E-Cigarette?

It is a battery-powered device that heat-up the mixture of liquid instant and converts into smoke.

Does C-Cigarette cause cancer?

As per the Washington Post, after study of 200 individuals, vaping related lung illness arising. 354 cases in 29 states. State and federal health authorities focusing on the role of contaminant.

India also has banned the e-cigarette. India today, Read more... It is quite difficult to know the exact and accurate answer.

Why the government of India banned E-cigarette?

Modi and team decided it on Wednesday to ban the production, sale, marketing, import, export, consumption, distribution and transportation of E-cigarette.

As per the news source, India today, E-cigarettes worth $1,91,781 were imported in India between 2016-16 and 2018-19.

The central government has already sent the notice to all the state banning of the E-cigarette, it was a follow-up advisory decision of 2018

BBC News has shown a practical proof in the below video how it is harmful than a normal cigarette.

In short, smoking is a bad habit that kills human, it is just an electronic version of killing people