March 08, 2019

Beware on the habitual dilemma of your kids, it is only becomes a reason to ruin the life of their future

We are careless about our child, we teach them initially and it becomes their habits and later they have to suffer if they can't meet their own expectations. It is our duty that we have to keep limited access to what we can offer actually not to rely on the neighbours. One day it becomes a bad thing and parents would be accountable for that crime.

"We are careless about our child, we teach them initially and it becomes their habits and later they have to suffer if they can't meet their own expectations. It is our duty that we have to keep limited access to what we can offer to our children, actually not to rely them on the neighbour's rich habits later it becomes too difficult for parents to manage. One day it becomes a bad dilemma and no one but parents would be accountable for that crime."

What kind of nerves that send sensation to the brain of a child of 12 months old. I had experienced for the first time in my life. Being a literary blogger I was not sure that handling baby at home is not only a difficult task but understanding them is a bigger part. When we feed the child apart from mother's milk, they soon become familiar with types of food and taste. And such one of the thing recently had happened with me when I visited a shopping mall with my wife and 12 months old baby daughter.

Since I do not stay at home in the afternoon, I was unknown about most of the activities. And our neighbours take her to their house for a bath and lunch. They live with an elder son, and one younger son lives away in Ahmadabad. They love her so much and feed her from fruits to Daal-Rice. We never restrict my daughter taking her to their house and now she has become a piece of their life. Whenever we go to our native place, they keep calling us and talk to my daughter through video-call.

At the age when she was 6 months old, she was getting all the kinds of fruits in her lunch and thus she got a taste of fruits like Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Grapes etc. That day when we were doing shopping in the mall, she was on the trolley enjoying watching different people, smiling looking at the different faces, children, babies etc.

First, we had started the clothes department, we brought curtains and a few floor mats. Then headed to supper market things, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Wheat, Soup, Oil etc. and then lastly we appeared into Vegetable and Fruits department We had seen may children under age of 2 years with their parents in that section and few were still buying. We passed through a bunch of Apples and she saw it. When we were going away from the Apple every foot her head couldn't take away the glance from it. When she got to know that we are going away and away only then she cried louder.

It was then we got to know that she wants Apple, she was trying to jump within a second and was not giving a chance us for taking a turn. My wife holds her into her arms and we reached near the bunch. Before I could take them for weight, my daughter held my wife's hair, gave a few scratches on her cheek. I got 1 kg and gave one to her, she did not allow for a wash too.

I shocked surprised completely that she was so crazy for it and buzzed almost the entire floor with her strong voice. Many of them were laughing at her and some got irritated. The market staff allowed our baby to eat inside the mall. Then we headed to the Electronic section, we had placed her again on the trolley, she was eating that Apple, falling down and again she was crying and giving her back, again and again, she as doing it and if I did not allow her eating then she could cry louder and make people irritated.

I know that it is normal and babies do it often at that period of age. But what I had observed was something beyond my thinking and never experience anger. I pulled out my mobile phone and dialled my father. I just wanted to say to him that Reedha did something different today - it was not that bad or not a that good thing but sharing with him was kind of fun for me or a bit of shame.

On the call, I asked my father that "What if I was not capable of buying something she wants then?" My father gave me a very fine answer and I was impressed. I never had a single thought of it. It was very simple, he said,

"The poor child does not know that is Apple and if there was a baby who had never seen that before then she wouldn't have asked or cried for it."

It was obvious, my daughter had seen the Apple many times and she had to try it several times too. This was the reason that she recognised it quickly and shook the entire floor by her cry. This story was just Apple but what about the important decision in life or when you talk to your child about anything then it is a very serious topic that we have to be alert while talking with our kids. It is a fault if something bad had happened with our child, it is because of our culture at home. If something goes wrong in front of them, they learn from our mistakes and they do it knowingly in their life.