February 14, 2019

When such coward will stop bruising innocent people in Train

I do remember exactly which train it was. I was then a bachelor and working at EXL in Pune. As usual, I woke up late morning, I remember it was Saturday 2012. There was a special program in my life had stopped - earn and learn. After graduation, it was my first job. I was staying alone in a rented room. My shift used to log off at midnight at 12:00 am IST since it was a US client. Later at night, I used to read books or browsing the internet until 2:00 am and then go to bed.

The room was awesome and had two windows, between them was V-shape wall. A small kitchen was hidden between the windows. I was living on the top of the building - 3rd floor so there was easy access to morning sun as well as beautiful rain and in cold, I used to hide under two blanket. The room was just a 10X10 feet square, and at one corner there was a small bathroom in open area (It's three side wall up till the chest.) Most popular in Maharashtra in especially in Pune

I was curious as it was a day I was going to my hometown. All my parents were waiting for me. I stood front the kitchen table holding a toothbrush in the mouth. I had only my navy blue boxer, that's all. I took out two egg from a black carry-bag, lighted the small stove which runs on 2 kg LPG-gas, place the frying pan. If I turn right, there were bathroom walls, I turned, wash my mouth and upon my head, there was a rope which had a towel, a step ahead I grabbed it and wiped off the face. I smelled the hot empty pan on the stove, I quickly turned.

"OMG, I forgot this," I said to myself.

I quickly add some oil on the pan and let them burned as it was excessive. Since I was moved to Pune and tried keeping my eyes closely watch on oily foods and using spices in the meal. Before burning the entire oil I took an egg hammered on a corner of the window slowly, gave it one more till a fine crack and poured it on the pan. Took one more egg and did the same.

I preferred this menu as it is easy and fast, anyways I am expert in cooking. Now it was all cooked, about to pick it up, I sprinkled chilli, coriander powder and salt, that's it. Two yellow bulbs were finely fitted into two circles. Placed two brown bread slice on the pan and done. It took me only five minutes in this process. There was no other place for my eating but my bed, my fine dining table. When I looked at it, it was all messy, the blanket was still there and a pillow was on the top of it. It was not too dirty. I pushed them, made a room for my sitting and then took all my yummy breakfast was ready and waiting for me. Before I take a bite, the smell of fried half fry already filled my nostril and the surrounding.

I sat comfortably on the bed - It was just a mattress on the floor, there was no wooden or metal bed.

These moments I cannot forget in my life as this is how my weekend used to start. But that day was little in a hurry, I had to grab a train from Pune station, It was planned leaves, I was going to spend complete next week spending quality time with my family. Talking about future plans etc with my beloved ones.

I reached securely at the station. I had only the college bag that I used for my office too. In it, I had a soft thin blanket and two pair of jeans and a shirt. I had my first-generation Android phone which had half rectangle screen and the second half had the keyboard, looks like an old blackberry. There was the heavy crowd when I got to know about my reservation, it was not confirmed then looking at the crowd I got a headache, but there was no other option. Azad Hind Express was just in front of me. This was the second last train and the last one was after 5 hours and there was no possibility that I could stay there till 11:00 pm. I stood in the row which I guess I was the 67th man standing and there was few behind me had soon started filling the space.

A police officer hit an ass of a one who was not standing in the row, actually, he was talking with his friend. He was hit by a wooden stick like an animal. The police had started from the beginning and were heading toward me, with tons of anger in on his face and clinched yellowish teeth. He was wiping the sweat on his face by his left hand and the right hand was continuously hitting the poor and innocent.

I adjusted myself and stood straight.

After fifteen minutes I climbed on the train and was surprised to see no place for the sitting. Sometimes there was difficult to stand and all I could think negatively, frustrated and regretted. The train had not started its engine, there were five more minutes to begin the journey. I was completely wet and found myself difficult to breathe in that crowd. I was standing in the middle of the way. There was a fight going on, one lady was crying as someone had crushed her foot. One baby girl was crying. By the time acute headache had begun. I was completely pressed, my back could feel the sweat of someone else and in front, I was smelling the odour of many bodies.

Anyhow, I wanted to get out of this situation and I turned up and saw few boys were already had grabbed the places where luggage rests. The train had started its journey, the fresh air travelled through every corner of the coach and in the next five minutes, people got place comfortably. You can't imagine where I was. You will certainly laugh. I had made a hammock out of my blanket. I tied it between the two seats, I loved it. I was enjoying my book reading on my Samsung phone in my semi-sleeping position on the hammock. The train had gained its speed full.

I heard a bang, it was the same bang of the wooden stick I had heard it when I was standing in the queue on the platform. There were two policemen, one that I knew and the other one who was very cruel and seemed his boss. He came near the poor, innocent boys and snatch a mobile from one of the boys. He started checking the mobile's data, grabbed the collar of the guy. He stood up, the policeman inserted his hand into the guy's pocket of the jeans and took out all the money.

"What is there in mobile ha...? What is there!" He cried.

"Porn...? Do you watch porn?" He said.

The boy was crying, he was constantly saying no, begging. He was not audible due to running the train's irritable sound.

"I have only this money, I have no money... please, my family need it."

The police slapped him. Other people including me were also watching and all of them had hidden the mobile phones. This happened with almost three people and they were searching for boys like that only. For a moment I was frightened. But later I realised that I should stop them but I was alone and I couldn't do anything there. I felt pity for him.

What those men got doing such curse thing, their family won't be happy from earning that way. God watching everyone. May such people shouldn't live for long life. They will have to pay for it.