December 19, 2018

I was Dumb Stucked When I Saw The Katraj Zoo: Only Management is Responsible for This

Katraj Zoo
I remember that day clearly, It was Saturday when I had visited #Katraj #Zoo in 2012 It was the best place for Hanging out with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with your school-mate or you can come with your family members. I went there with my parents. I remembered, there were so cement road, it was as natural as you go and walk in the forest footpath. Musky land, traditional couple entry, or school boys & girls. All of these were specialities. The co-workers, guards were soft and polite. Almost 6.5 years later I visited this zoo and I got shocked when I entered.
They have developed very fine cement road which has lost the feeling of natural road walk and I was still feeling that I have not come to the zoo, but someone has dragged me to a corner of a crowded city. I could feel the traffic, this may be the result of tree cutting or maybe increase in vehiclesThe disappointed mood forcefully led me to see snake park wondering that there will be a fine agreement of my mood, but then when I saw this sleepy python. It seems like he has not eaten for months. Look at his picture below.
I was strongly feeling that I have wasted my time to come here all the way from Dehu road to Katraj, Pune. But then I rebuilt my mind and took part in the happiness of my family. (This time I had come with my wife and daughter)
Then we all three headed toward the animal section where all hungry were running for food. They might not get food on time.
One thing I still wonder back in 2012 when I was there at the end of the park, the board says, "Elephant is ahead" I couldn't find even single one and again on Saturday, Dec 15, 2018, I have not found it. Zoo guys are making fool people that there is an Elephant in this park.
Many families come with #children and their happiness lies in such an innocent creature that makes them happy. At least the Elephant does. When we were on the way to the zoo I was making my daughter sure that we are going to see Elephant and when that promise wasn't met then it was difficult for us to handle the situation. If someone from the zoo reading this, please make sure about it that the public should enjoy #nature.