November 11, 2018

Trekking On A Nearest Hill With My Parents

It was a Friday evening, spending the entire week at home alone is very difficult to ask me. I want to breathe a fresh air, away from the polluted city. Though we stay at city annex, 30 km from the heart of the city and still feel the air pollution around my city.

I thought to go to a hill that I never been to before. I cried and forced my dad to go somewhere. My mom and dad had taken me to many places but today we came to a strange place. The place that was so sloppy, green and cold. For a moment, I felt that I opened the door of our refrigerator. A smile of happiness and a bit of confused mind feeling a magical place. It was awesome. My mom just placed me on the ground mix of yellow and green grass.

The cold air sometimes used to passes through my ear or sometimes feeling my hair dancing around it. A never notice strength had come in my arms and legs.

"A different kind of laugh and smile appeared on her face," my mom said to my dad.
I simply looked up at them, smiled and set my way ahead. I could not stop myself roaming around the place.

Look at these pictures, how did I enjoy my day at this hill, I don't think so that this would be a treasure as I won't remember at all. If these pictures are saved even though this would be just a digital memory that's it.