November 10, 2018

This is How We Celebrate Diwali : Family's Diwali Celebration in India

India's one of the most important festivals, Diwali. Everyone wants to go to their hometown, meet parents and old friends. We just celebrated away from our parents and relatives. The happiness was with us, for that we started the day early in the morning on the day of Goddess Laxmi Puja.

Diyas to Goddess Laxmi

This festival is pure of light, the entire house, doors, windows, corridor and verandah with full of Diyas. We also put artificial light to make our home beautiful. On that day, we dress up more than in any marriage or party. And for farmers, the crop has already arrived at their home and thus it is a big celebration for them.

Goddess Laxmi Puja
Every person of the house tries their best to decorate and light the house, before the season of Diwali starts, they dust of the house, paint it nicely. For the entire five days, people decorate with Diyas, bulb, paintings and the most famous Rangoli around the house. This is all being done for just to welcome Goddess Laxmi and at the evening time, Laxmi puja happens at every house - Devotion of Gold, Money, and Diyas

Lightning to the entire house with Diyas
 Light every Diyas and placing at every door, windows and into the corridor. When these diyas placed the Laxmi enters the house - This is what we Indian thinks, the crore of people follows this holy practice traditionally.

Best Rangoli of the day
 This was one of the best Rangoli of the day, it was looking so beautiful in the night and quickly changed me and my thoughts.

Rangoli In India
This Rangoli was also looking great under the light of Diya as simple as it is.

Holy Basil Puja
 This is holy basil plant everyone wants in front of their house - Front of a window or the main entrance of the house. Every day in the evening time, one diya should be placed and a prayer must be done. But now in urban life, it is gradually vanishing, I find new generation rarely keeps it in the house. But more either they don't know the benefits or the importance of it

Doorway when Goddess Laxmi enters the house at Puja
 This is how we decorated the entrance of Goddess Laxmi, prints of leg pointed inward of the house. It is a symbol of a warm welcome.

Cracker Tree
This cracker tree was looking simply so beautiful, but disappointed due to pollution. I am not the only one but the crore people do it and it is very harmful to the environment. The government of India should stop burning these firecrackers, let simply burning of diyas would be no harm and looks elegant and innocent way with pollution free celebration

Cracker Flower
 This is the simple one, ladies and children play with it. Easy for handling.

Children Celebrating Diwali and Cracker

The Diwali has been famous among the children. When I was a child, my preparation for the Diwali used to start a month ago. Shopping, cleaning, painting, study in advance, going to relatives. Everywhere was fun only. This is just year's only happy days on the earth. But when this season goes away, people return to their work, a silence comes across the street and house. The usual days keep going and this is how our Diwali comes to end. "Happy Diwali"