November 04, 2018

This Breakfast Over My Stupid and Nerdy Morning

This Breakfast Over My Stupid and Nerdy Morning

If suddenly your resting body wakes up and all the relaxed mode converts into muscular tension. That tension brought a headache and makes your body warm and sick. And the next day suddenly attacked your throat. Do you guess what would happen? of course, you do but what would you do after if your cough continued for the entire month and so on. What home remedies you will try to cure it?

The same thing had happened to me last month. It was painful, sudden and weird. My cough sometimes makes me do a cough continuously for five minutes without rest. It's been years from this is happening. if I check with a doctor, they will simply say it's normal and viral infection.

I studied in science, any virus lives on a host at the certain favorable temperature, if that warmness or coldness changes in the body, the virus will go away and it will be cured very soon.
The climate changes are the main reason for this catastrophe if you are going out and caught by rain in the middle of the way and the cold air puncture you both the ears, which you will suddenly catch a fever.

I had antibiotics tablet to cure that cough, but then it was not healing the problem, my dry cough suddenly attack me when I work in the AC rooms. So here I suppose to stop going in cold. In short, I need more warm food and acidic one.

Mother, neighbour, and relatives keep on give me suggestion and finally, my mother's thought and I captured a word, 'warm food'. If I eat that food for the next two-three days, my cough will go away. And that was true. So I bought a dozen Eggs early in the morning, made my day start with non-veg. (We call it non-veg food if we add Eggs in our meal)

I fate two Eggs in a bowl and made an Egg fry and two toast and kept two more boiled Eggs with sprinkled spices will work enough for treatment. The Eggs are very acidic and keep your body warm enough to make runoff that virus from your body.
I have done this on my risk, do not try before you visit your doctor. I had done it on my own risk. I got the result.