November 19, 2018

The Long Distance And Love Both Are Beautiful in The Life :They are Co-exist in Relationship and Dating.

The distance brings the changes in life, when you love someone and living alone, it automatically gives birth to care and love. The care that will make you more concern about that loving person and the love that keep on increasing in the life for that individual. In a long distance relationship, many are successful examples in front of us. There are specific reasons behind that and that is we are going to talk about.

Most of the soldier's life is based on these two things, they dream of love, house, romance, and their family. And I have seen many of them in the successful relationship till date. I can say they are king to maintain the healthy relationships. They found committed to each other for the lifetime. In India, there are many soldier families found in a village, after the completion on the certain bond of the service to the country, they are called well happily married family.

In modern society, we don't feel that touch due to the technology and growing senseless media. There is two to three break up, but still, there are no real feelings for love. There were days many lovers die in love stories for their first love. Those days I still remember when we had to wait a week or more to receive a message from our beloved through a postcard. There was a meaningful writing in the letters and nobody's sentiment used to hurt.

The pleasure of reading the card was awesome, those days I think will never return again. We used to wait to come everyone home, those readings could touch the hearts of every person.

If we do anything frequently, going on the date, calling continuously even though the next person is happily receiving the calls, chatting with your girlfriend that leads to confusion. It sounds somewhat fake, in the conversation, the questions being raised on the trust and thus that conversation keeps taking turns and twist. And overreact which cause a worse situation in dating as well as relationship nowadays.

The long-distance love makes good memories and we don't forget for the lifetime. The good mood asks us to surprise our love with anything, we visit once in a month and that love represents the value in both the person. The trust binds the togetherness in well manners and makes you a great couple that everyone wishes to have around.

The impact of these smartphone broke many relationships, we should give some space to our-self. Now, we can't live the life without the phone, it's as equal as two person is in life and handling them is a big task for the day. We understand it is that much of important, but give it at the specific time. Make yourself free like a bird, more usage of mobile increases your stress level and that sometimes spoils the mood.

Hobbies are the best terms when you are a frequent caller to your partner, get busy with one of the hobbies and make yourself bound and engaged. This will maintain your relationship and date your partner at the best intervals. This maintains the perfect space for each other and lives in the relationship for a longer period.

Thus the distance plays an important role in life, the frequency of your calls, chat and other things should be limited which enhance the healthy relationship.