November 21, 2018

On The Edge Of The River: Incredible Universe Created by God

Summer times are so annoying most of the time, in almost all the parts of India. It was a time when I was a child, was completing my Highschool studies. My native place is the pure village, all day long I could hear bellowing from cow's or sheep's and sometimes Bullock's. It is particularly in the morning time around 10 AM and evening time at 6 PM. A day when summer was going on and it was so hot. Nobody could dare to come out of the house in the afternoon, can you guess what temperature it would have been there? Unbelievable, it was 42°c. It reaches almost all the east-north part of India, including Maharashtra in Vidarbha is extremely hot. So I was looking for going outside near the edge of the river. I was waiting for the evening when I will go and sit there for an hour to get refreshed. Those days had no tension of my exams, resting and holiday from the school was going on.

My body was giving an odor of sweat sitting at home and because of hot weather, sometimes when there is no electricity. It was the village and there is no guarantee of it, especially in the summer there was no electricity for 6-12 hours. Most of the time I have done my studies under a kerosene lamp for hours. I got happy when I heard the sound of feet, cows, and bulls were returning home. I wore my old sleeper, started heading toward the west. My house is at east and river at west, I have to walk almost a kilometer to reach there. It is one of the second best places of my village. The 1st one is a big temple of Bajarangbali, most of the marriages happen there. It was 6 PM, narrow road, hardly one truck could travel, I was walking and domestic animals were coming from the opposite side. I do not scare of these animals, but one out of these could be dangerous, so I was watching carefully and walking. One stupid cow was passing through my left arm, it was walking on the wrong side, she looked at me with her big eyes, I speed up my walking but she hits her tail on my bum. I rubbed it and looked at her with my weird look.

It was fine rather than facing her with different actions, she had pointed horns. So finally I reached my favorite place for the day. It was after a long time I came. I was so sad when I came to know that there is very little water left. All other parts of the river were almost dried. All white bolder stones, rock were opened and dried. When I roam over the sand, I saw dead bodies of tiny fishes, I took one silverfish size of my little finger, it was almost weightless. I found a small pond and live fishes, even their life was too dangerous. Birds were watching their moves carefully.

What a great life God has created for everyone, it is a cycle that everybody has to pass through. One wild dog came there searching for the water, how water is important in the summer to ask for that dog who all was tired, thirsty and hopeless. But still, that dog keeps searching, he went on the other side of the river.

I sat on a rock, the edge of the river. The birds were going home, the sun was red, few minutes were left to hide it. I looked at the trees was all happy and waving in the cool air. I was feeling a bit of ease and comfort. I wished if I could bring a book and read till 8 PM. But I had no option like today, I am sitting on the footpath in the big city where there is attached little free area, most of the citizens come here in the evening and spend their lovely time with the environment.