November 15, 2018

Definition of Life: What is Marriage? Whom You Should Get Married

The marriage is a divine thing that everyone has to perform once in life. Not only human, but all the living organism do it. They have their own definition, understanding and terms in this regards.

Getting married frequently and at the mid of the age you are single and live life like that and so on, that is the biggest failure. If such happens, you become alone, your parents will take care of you till they exist, but who will care for you later? Some other day, you will die in a room which no one will notice of your death and a few days later police will find, reaching you sniffing a rotten body. If you died inside of your home then you will find out who was this dead man or if you were found outside dead then it will be difficult for them to name the body. No brother or sister take cares of anyone in today's date, only parents or your wife can possibly do it

I have seen many friends who dislike getting married or saw many who just want a physical relationship, they love to keep such a life, they do not want to keep the child. They think that physical pleasure reduces upon bearing children. But there are bad and uncontrolled impacts on the life those women who are not get married.

My definition of marriage is something different. Getting married for the long journey of life and at the end of your days, your marriage life privileges good life, a comfortable physical support from your wife at least. Your grandchildren give you immense pleasure when you get time to play with them. Share them your real stories, feeding them, making them quickly understand this never-ending world and how to live on this gigantic earth. You must have got a question what support and what I am talking about?

When you get married, the life starts changing, new ways comes in your front. Your routines get changes, living style brings a difference. Couple's emotion and feelings exchanges due to their soul meeting. Luck triggers on your way in many forms. You both become dependant on each other.

What I have experienced was awesome after I got married, the life before was different and now many positive changes brought up into my life. I had never imagined things are happening now. There were pending works started getting finish up.

But my next question is to whom you should be married? Someone you love or someone you attracted toward a woman you wish to? The love takes a lot of time to build in any person and the attraction never last long, it's just come anytime and vanish with the pleasures. Who would be the first and last life partner of your life? I can say it depends upon your trust, loyalty and the most, respect for each other. If these things are with you, any woman would be committed for the life with you.

When the life reaches at the age of 65-70 the advantage of your marriage starts getting from that day. You get the support of your family, in returns of what you did best for them. If you did well, your son or daughter will keep you in well condition, care for you all the time, if you were rude with them the problems will rise. You have to sacrifices at that time because there will be no other options, but fight with the situation.
Irrespective of what you had sacrificed in your early marriage life for them, you did hard-work but then all ruined because of your small mistakes during progressive marriage life and behaviour with your family.

But when you have your wife with you, your life is secured till the time you die. This happens smoothly when you have age difference in your spouse. If your wife has 7-4 years age gap then (younger than you) at the age of 65-70, she would be more fit and strong than you, she will take cares all the possible way, support you will get only from her.
If both are at the same age, then it will create problems, You guys will have the same amount of strength, you will go weaker day today and will be more helpless for each other. If your dependents are not supportive. So it is better to have an age difference between the couple. It matters a lot.

In Indian culture, many couples are getting married with a huge age difference. Normally, the girls get married at the age of 20-23 and the boys at 25-32

Urban lifestyle has changed the meaning and existence of marriage. There is still someone likes to live traditionally. Few women are left on this holy earth likes to bear children and get the love of their own child. It is the greatest happiness for any woman. The fashionable and glamorous women are running away from the marriage life, either they are not aware of the definition of life or does not know the concept of marriage.