October 26, 2018

The Rising of #MeToo in India

#MeToo India

The rising of #MeToo in India has recently started, this is a good initiatives that taken by few people. Now Indian woman can freely mark herself a survivor of sexual harassment and government can take action against sexual abuse at the workplace.

The #MeToo has risen when a Bollywood actress, Tanushree Datta has stated unpredictable, misbehave done with her by her co-actor Nana Patekar ten years before. To what extent it is true only she knew about it. Other say that she is doing publicity to get a job in Bollywood again. As per the news source, this has happened during a song shoot in presence of a famous choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

All of them who she claimed said that whatever allegation she puts are the false statement and said "It had never happened with her. on the set" the director, producer, actor and choreographer have denied her statement in front of the media.

One by one, the group of Bollywood actress has revealed many names of the actors and producers who commit sexual assaults with women and Indian women are now cascading this information through #MeToo India. You can also find more about MeToo on the Twitter account.

Now the government of India taking it seriously and set up a group of officials for preventing such crime at the workplace. Now many organisation promises that such sexual misconduct will never happen, they keep saying and assuring women employees. Apart from high society, this is regular practice men are doing within the middle-class family too. What about them and who raise a question of their security?

There are some villages where Police stations are far away and some of the officials are interconnected with suspects, those family just return home with the curse of others scolding. Many girl and woman victims in India died of such bad saying of neighbours and many kept it secret and again many times became the prey of those same criminals.

There are several cases still pending in the court from ages, rape case in India is a serious matter and after many jurisdictions sentenced life imprisonment, the crimes are increasing. This lust of love destroyed many families made home a graveyard over the night.