August 11, 2013

Old Memories Became Cold

Lokesh Umak in childhood
I don't know, but. I'm very disappointed with things, recently I build my new home in my native place. Since I'm not staying at my native village for about 7 years, all my childhood memories are attached to it and especially to my old home. Now my old house is no more exist and whatever my childhood memories were, it is now completely vanished off.

There were days when I use to go my village, before I reach to home, it use to come inside of mind, my old house was made up of without bricks, just only brown soil, roof tile somewhat brick colour and main thing is, it used to give me fragrance of my family, days I spent, how I started walking, how I use to roam around it and everything.

The home was cheap but most valuable as I'm born and brought up there. Now I can't feel the same after spending a lot of amounts and even I can't feel good around though my family members around me. I'm failing now to recollect and remember those fancy days, my childhood.

I don't feel eager to go home and meet everyone as I use to get the feeling before this. There was a type of soil which I can not get in this world now. I just want to tell you guys, treasure these kinds of valuable things in your life, once it goes away it's hard to achieve again as this is not money that everyone can earn.