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Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen―Sadhguru

A son of the mother earth, God to many semi-literate children who are now well skilled, home of many birds who still play on the millions of trees were planted by Sadhguru and Isha Foundation. If you ask a tree how he feels to know that he’s spreading his fragrance and making people happy, I don’t think a tree looks at it that way. I am just like that and it is just my nature to be like this. ― Sadhguru The man of the Holy liveliness that actively takes part in the well-being of humans and God’s creation. A tremendous knowledgeable person in spirituality, Religion, Social, Education, Environment, and Culture of India who currently lives in South India, Velliangiri Mountains, Kerala. He founded his Ashram called Isha foundation in 1994. Mr Jaggi Vasudev, official name, one of the Yogis from India frequently being asked and invited for forums on culture, politics and many other things. Apart from this, he is a New York Times bestselling authors 2016  for Inner Engineering His inclina…
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"Faith is of no evil in absence of strength. Faith and Strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work"ㅡSardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Iron man of India

The man who once was an unambitious student and younger children of the family were one of the seven children to Jhaverbhai who had finished his matric exam late at the age of 22, a boy from a small city, Nadiad, Gujarat ventured went to London for higher studies and had become barrister of Ahmadabad, India completed his study before the actual period of the course.  Sardar was an eminent politician, deputy prime minister of India and the Government of India built his statue on his birthday 31st October and declared “National Unity day” the statue is 182 mㅡ597 ft long. The statue that called, the world’s largest and longest Statue of Unity. His work was first marked in 1918 when he went against the Bombay government helping the local farmers of Gujarat for refusing to pay taxes in British rule, he had visited village-to-village, person-to-person and made local villagers understand well about taxes and had made awareness among the farmers paying the taxes. Thousands of farmers and v…

Swami Vivekananda: "Pleasure is not the goal of man, but knowledge"ー Eastern Philosophy

Modern life is going more through technically and thinking more like machines than human touch, using smiley and away from the real touch writing on electronic devices than pen and paper. — The senses of humans would gradually no longer be in use. Still the modern man feels that when they acquired a luxury life then they think that we are a modern with huge knowledge, thinking this way is completely wrong. Swami Vivekananda has manifested it with a representation of well examples in his lectures, Swami’s lectures were transcribed by his stenographer, Joseph Josiah Goodwin, in one of his books, Karma Yoga.
The lectures were conducted and delivered in his rented rooms at 228 W 39th Street in December 1895 NYC with his friends and supporters. In this book he covered the concept of Karma and Yoga. Swami said that Karma and character are interlinked together, the word Karma born from Sanskrit word Kriー his lectures were based on Karma and how its effect on the human body. What is Karma? and…

Jamaican Canadian: I was never raised as the daughter with vitiligo or the granddaughter with vitiligo or the cousin with vitiligo. I was just ChantelleーWinnie Harlow

Life is very hard to live, one who earns bread and butter and one who does not. It is always questioning every single day and night, but in fact, we only have an answer to it. It is hidden inside of what we do and what our Karma follows. It is a universal law of attraction that Karma pulls toward you with all the positive and negative energy if your character is positive and so. It purely depends on what we think, what we eat and what we speak. Everything we do, every single moment of our life is being captured and forms energy called Karma. Gary Keller well said,
Life is a question and how we live it is our answerーGary Keller, best selling author of America and founder of Keller Williams We don't even look out for answers for our difficulties, it is we that create and destroy. Winnie Harlow is a great example in front of us, she is a Canadian fashion model, public spoke-person and activist. She has been diagnosed with a very bad skin condition and in the medical term, it is call…

The Art of Copying: "I had learnt to carry out the orders of elders not to scan their action" ― Mahatma Gandhi

The great freedom fighter, philosopher and a wise man in his childhood MK Gandhi was a shy student. There are many learnings from his past experiences. One of the best actions mentioned in his book, The Story of My Experiment With Truth (available on Kindle unlimited) gives us the best learning. The story covers from his childhood to the end of his active years. Every line, every word and the passages have great meanings. The art of copying someone mostly found especially in the age group of children. Mr Gandhi wrote about his childhood when he had started going to school and feeling the changes around him, but he was very unique in choosing what is to be acquired or what is not. I do not remember having ever told a lie. He said he was following Harishchandra when he was seven. Whoever it says, It would not be an ordinary person. Any child at this age either copy someone or lie many times. As a parent, some must have forgiven their kids. He also added that at that age, his sole comp…

R K Narayan: "I am treacherous writer when I move out of Malgudi"ㅡRemarked in 1995

Writing from heart obviously brings this statement to any prolific writer and one of such was R K Narayan. His novels and short stories still inspire children and young generations. characters from his fictitious town Malgudi and one of the characters, Swami and his friends. Swami, an ordinary boy who has a different mindset, well-matured than his other friends. He showered always his philosophy through his characters in his fiction world. Mr Narayan, the man who imprinted his literary work not only in India but made its presence internationally. The great creator of a fictional south India town “Malgudi Days” that marked history. He always lived as an ordinary man to explore the societies of Indian culture, innocently made his way toward writing and aroused many readers using his pen and powerful literary techniques and urged readers to come back for more.

The first Indian writer who had pursued a full time writing career. His writing including Travelogue, Retelling of Indian epics …

I was the first Indian theatre transgender who did many plays as a woman on the stageーBal Gandharva

The early life of Balgandharva was very fascinating and challenging, born with the name Narayan Shripad Rajhans in a typical brahmin family was not an ordinary boy. Maharashtra’s talent was first discovered by Tiak in a cultural program when he caught Rajhans singing passionately. Lokmanya Tilak, the great freedom fighter named him Balgandharva patting his back after his stunning performance where all the cheerful audience applauded. Though Rajhans was expert in singing but had hearing problems, Shahu Maharaj from Kolhapur noticed his art and decided to help him overcome his hearing aid. His hard work and dedication led him on a successful path and brought him to the stage when he played many woman characters on the stage.
Indian women were not allowed to perform on the stage that time, due to his beautiful face cut he was the only popular stage actor between 1905 to 1955 was also praised by Indian theater actor of Indian cinema Prithviraj Kapoor.
His family life was a bit of unsucce…

First Indian Writer: Beauti does not need ornaments, softness can't bear the weight of ornaments—Munshi Premchand

“चिंता एक काली दीवार की भाँति चारों और से घेर लेती है, जिसमे से निकले कि फिर कोई गली नहीं सुजाति”
“Anxiety surrounds it like a black wall, from which remember there no street emerge out”
The man who was born as Dhanpat Rai Srivastav on 31st July 1880 Lambai, in north India. He was once a teacher, a school administrator, editor and founder of his own journal publication, Hans and Jagaran. His most of the famous work is in Hindi, Urdu and Russian Literature. All the work was addressed and delivered in April 1936 at the inaugural meeting in All India progressive writers association in Lucknow was set up by Urdu writer Syed Sajjad Zaheer.
He was a writer of the 20th century and was confirmed the first author in Hindi of India. Most of his work was narrated the way life is, specialities in Sarcasm and Social commentary. Well famous for writing strong characters and giving a meaningful message to the society through his magical pen

From his, all the hard work seems he wanted a…

Indira Gandhi's Letter to the first Prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru as her father

The letters were originally published in 1928 when Indira Gandhi was ten years old, after reading the few letters, father and daughter’s chemistry was seen as very friendly and inspiring to others. The letters were not personal, but they were educational, the subjects of natural and human history. The demand for those letters to the public was high and soon translated from English to Hindi. The translator was one of the famous writers of India, Munshi Premchand. India’s writer of the early twentieth century.
More than 30 letters of father and daughter were published, one of the letters on her birthday,
Mr Nehru wished her through a letter rather sending or giving a physical gift, it was a bit of powerful advice in the words. Jawaharlal wrote,
“You know sweetheart, how I dislike sermonising and doling out good advice” He further wrote saying whenever he is stuck identifying what is wrong or what is not wrong. He never did a sermon and doling but by talking and discussing as the discussi…

Margaretha's mother—They are Tulip seeds, the symbol of our country, but more than that, they represent a truth you must learn

Tulip seeds give birth to flowers roses like appearance, but they can’t be any other flowers, if they try to deny their own existence, they will live life bitter and die From The Spy by Paulo Coelho. A phrase that brings meaningful thoughts and makes us begin to think and overthink our own lives and realities. The line that gives a real side picture of our past and future, both of them are interlinked. It was told to Margaretha Zelle by her mother at her young age. She was an exotic dancer born on 7 August 1876 in Dutch, who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War-1 and shot dead by the French Army.

Monday, 15 October 1917 in Paris nobody could forget that day, on that day the world’s one of the beautiful, famous ladies were shot dead. On that day she was in Saint Lazare prison cell. Margaretha was taken to the firing crew. At midnight she was out of the prison wearing her expensive hat on her head tied with silk ribbon, a pair of black leather gloves and her fur jac…
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